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Business Presentation Skills Workshop

Connecting audiences with messagesdescribe the image

Presentation skills improve by doing and also by listening. CMI's most popular workshop is  totally interactive, providing multiple, structured practice opportunities along with immediate instructor and peer feedback.

Creating results through active participation

We evaluate individual delivery styles to add greater impact … provide resources for organizing critical messages, explore innovative ways to reinforce key ideas … review techniques for gaining and managing audience engagement … ensure that presentations are structured to achieve a specific outcome.

Seeing is believing, both during and after the workshop

Practice is one of the most important program elements. Providing resources for continued self-improvement is also critical.

We record every presentation and corresponding instructor/peer feedback.

Click on the video below. See how participants receive every one of their practice presentations (plus feedback) for posterity.



Participants receive tip sheets and other instructional materials, along with recorded presentations and feedback.


BPS materials