Instructor-led Services

“A person’s technical knowledge alone is not enough to spur others to act. Communication Management’s training makes a difference in the way audiences respond and react to ideas and proposals.” – Douglas Bryant, Retired Senior Vice President, Wells Fargo

CMI’s workshops reinforce the skills necessary for consistently organizing and delivering clear, concise messages.

Business professionals need effective communication skills for several important reasons

• Conveying clear, concise messages consistently
• Connecting essential ideas with critical audiences
• Influencing and guiding discussions to acceptable resolutions


CMI workshops help professionals put their best selves forward


Business Presentations

Standing/sitting ~ Tele/Videoconference

• Personal delivery style
• Content preparation and organization
• Audience engagement


Professional Business Writing

Emails ~ Reports ~ Letters ~ Social Media

• Getting started strategies
• Editing and revising practices*
• Publishing readiness
*(Organization, content relevance, passive vs. active voice, grammar and punctuation)


CMI workshops provide business professionals with tools for

• Projecting greater confidence and credibility in presentation and decision-making situations
• Utilizing the best ways to organize and deliver key messages for maximum impact
• Putting listeners, participants, and readers in solid positions to tackle issues productively