Communication Skills – A Worthwhile Investment?


In an increasingle tech-savvy, business and healthcare climate where electronic health records, email and mobile communications is becoming the norm, the need for effective communication is critical.

Professionals in the healthcare industry must understand how to tailor messages to the correct audience while also taking in to account the principles of health literacy for patient-facing messages. Training from Communication Management, Inc., can help your organization communicate clearly and effectively to multiple stakeholders.

Finance – Advisory Services

We hire people with an interest and background in finance. While quantitative skills are necessary, they are limited if not combined with excellent written and oral presentation skills: clients assume you can do the math, they want you to explain succinctly what you found and why it is important to them. That is why we look to CMI to give our people a grounding in good communcation skills and refresh them as their career progresses.


For many, effective communication skills are a dying art in comparison to the need for efficiency, frequency, and speed. However, for professionals who are working in highly competitive industries, experiencing transcendental landscape changes, and are aspiring to leadership roles, there is no substitute for the ability to articulate thoughts clearly, concisely, persuasively both verbally and in writing.

Charitable Fund Raising

I am the reciepient and beneficiary of Commincations Management and in particularm Joe Perkins’ training and expertise.

Joe served our local United Way by training Senior Executives and Entrepreneurial Leaders to learn to move from “Wanting to effectlvely communicate” to “putting their best self forward.”

The difference was moving our organization from success to significance.

When you care enough to do the very best…use Communication Management and Joe Perkins!

Consumer & Retail

Effecive communication is the cornerstone to everything in corporate life. As professionals, we need to convey our proposals, ideas. work plans, and strategies in a succinct impactful way, getting to the point as clearly and efficiently as possible. the skills required to achieve this on a regular basis are not always taight in school and are often honed over time by individuals through theur specific roles and corporate cultures. CMI can custom tailor communcation skills training to meet your specific group, team, or organizational needs.